Q: How do we book you guys?

A: Well first you contact us, let us know a little about your wedding and the date & if we're available we're all yours once you sign the contract and pay the $500 deposit.


Q: Can you do videography and photography on the same date?

A: Yes, we love getting to work together. If we are working on the same wedding, we will get an assistant to come along with us to make sure that we get all the great shots we need to! 


Q: Will the raw footage from the day be provided along with the 10 minute feature and 3 minute trailer?

A: All of the footage will come to you edited, this is simply because the raw footage will have out of focus shots and lots of movement as we move around to capture the amazing moments that are deserving to be in the 3 and 10 minute movies. The footage may have us talking to each other, while we move around to try and get the shots of the best of the day, this material simply isn't worth watching.


Q: What format will the videos be provided in?

A: All videos will be supplied on a usb in HD. The trailer will also be uploaded on our vimeo page making it easy for you to share. as uploading this yourself can be time consuming 


Q: Will we be able to choose the song?

A: We source our music from places where we are able to easily buy the rights for the song. We choose the songs that suit the video and the moments captured, so that the events of your day can be told in a way that flows. The songs that we select are also supporting local artists and we love that! The songs that are featured in the video, will then take you back to your day. It can cost big $$$ (like really big $$$) to buy the rights of popular mainstream music. P.S we reserve rights to refuse service to those who request Nickleback.


Q: Do we need to give a shot list?

A: We meet up with you before your big day and we will chat to you about the shots that are the most important to you to capture. We try and capture your day in the most natural way, so we don't over direct you and get you to do model like, blank expression poses. We love a bit of spontaneity and we want to capture that feeling of joy and love that you're feeling on that day. 


Q: Do we need to be good at posing?

A: No, not at all. We love candid photography, so we capture how you are together in a way that's natural and not awkwardly instructed and posed. This will bring you back to the emotions that you felt on the day and that's what it's all about! 


Q: Do you do voice overs?

A: We sure do, have a chat with us about it and we can discuss what will work best.


Q: What equipment do you use? 

A: Chris uses a Sony A7S, which we both LOVE, his beloved sony is designed for film and has incredible low light capacity, meaning that we don't have to use intrusive lights. Our most beloved piece of equipment for film is a monopod, that easily allows Chris to move around and not block peoples views. 

Robyn uses a Cannon 5D Mark III, with a variety of lenses. Robyn whips out her flash when she reaaaally needs to, but otherwise we use more flattering natural light, so that we can capture people naturally and not drawing attention to the camera. We will discuss the lighting at the venues before hand, so we can plan for what will work best. 


Q: Do you travel?  How far will you travel?

A: YES! We will absolutely travel, we really love getting to explore new places. Contact us and we can arrange something + give you a quote. We aren't afraid of travelling overseas or going interstate.